A "programming language" made up entirely of semicolons

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How do I write SemicolonScript?

SemicolonScript is made up purely of newlines, spaces and of course semicolons. Each set of space-separated semicolons represents the ASCII code for the character you wish to enter. While you are getting used to this revolutionary syntax, try entering Javascript first see what the SemicolonScript output looks like. It's less verbose than Java!

What does it compile to?

SemicolonScript simply converts back to ASCII on compilation, so you can use it to write anything you like, including Javascript. Web development just got a whole lot simpler!

How can I use it in production code?

You should definately set about converting all of your code to SemicolonScript immediately. Unfortunately the conversion only occurs in quickly hacked together clientside javascript code running on this page, but don't let that hold you back! You can get the source on Github.

SemicolonScript was created by Rod Howarth (@RodH257) with tongue firmly planted in cheek.